How Does Your Garden Grow?

The words that best describe my 2016 are purge, purge, and motherfucking purge.

363 days have been spent weeding the garden and trying to rid my world of as much negativity and darkness as possible – including my own. Ok, I kept some of mine. How’s a girl supposed to be funny if she doesn’t have a little bit of a black heart?

I’ve removed people, places and things (that’s the definition of a noun!) that are stressful and bring no joy.

I circled the wagons, cried a little, drank a lot and forgave as much as possible. (That last one is really not fun.)

This is the year that I was lucky enough to get to turn 50. I say “lucky” because too many people I love never got the chance.

With age comes wisdom and less tolerance for bullshit and unkindness. I hope to be blessed with another 50 on this planet, but who knows? So why waste time on someone or something that doesn’t enhance your existence?

My friend Scotty used to say, “Pedigo, sometimes people gots to go.”

Very true.

Friendship is a privilege not a right and not everyone gets an all access pass to the inner sanctum.

It’s a peaceful moment when it dawns on you – Your life. Your rules.

So, if someone doesn’t bring you happiness and make you laugh or remind you how fabulous you are on the days when you forget, then they gots to go.

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