A Common Sense Moment

I thought this was common knowledge but apparently there’s been some confusion…

Taking an online quiz and then posting the results on Facebook is strictly for entertainment purposes. Something one does to kill time between games of solitaire and reading posts about how other people’s lives are better than your own.

These tests aren’t based on science or anything else – they’re just for fun.

Pretty sure most people realize that you can’t really be diagnosed with OCD in 45 seconds or find out which Disney Princess you are, simply playing one of these games.

So, that said, there’s no need for anyone to leave an angry, superior paragraph/comment telling us that the tests aren’t real and they just feed our ego, etc. We already know it. But thanks for the input, Dr. Blowhard.

Also, if you’re still angry and feel the need to rant about Starbucks prices after all these years – you can always just buy a MR. Coffee and brew a pot at home.

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